We sell wedding suits, but we happen to know a lot about nutrition. For brides and grooms planning a wedding, here are some great tips to get you on the road to health for life. Also great for best man or anyone in wedding party who want to slim down before they stand up with their friend.

Of course I have to say first- consult a Dr. We have been studying the correlation between disease and diet almost every day for four years. We have learned a lot about weight loss along the way. We have found the quickest way to get rid of minor ailments (like acid reflux!) and get on the right track to kick major ones is to have a green smoothie every day. This really works. Just FILL blender with organic greens, add a little water and blend. Then add a frozen banana or half if your used to things being not too sweet (break it into chunks before freezing). You can add variety by putting in apple chunks and ginger, or a peeled orange and peaches, all types of frozen fruit taste good. Blend once again after the fruit addition and your all set. We use a Blendtec, but Vitamix works just the same. The average cheap blender will last for about 1-2 months of this type of smoothie before retiring itself. This really only takes about 5 minutes, and it tastes great and will help with so many things, including weight loss.

If you combine this with eliminating grains and sugar, you can lose a LOT of weight in just a few months. This sounds difficult but if the people who live with you get on board, it really isn’t such a tough change. Matt is the owner of Monkey Suit Vintage and has lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months. It has been from eliminating sugar and grains and instead eating desserts with honey. He still eats a lot of desserts. Just Google paleo recipe and you’ll find plenty of ideas that appeal to you. One of the biggest things to eat at lunch instead of bread and packaged foods would be buttered vegetables with real butter. In our experience, increasing animal fat and milk fat actually reduces cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and greatly decrease inflammation. Matt had crazy high blood pressure and labored breathing. He now has perfect health and at 6’2″ went from 238 to 199 lbs. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat great food, it just means changing your perspective to eat more like your mama/grandmama cooked. Meat, buttered vegetables and small portions of buttered potatos. Just bust out the crock pot if you hate the kitchen. It’s worth it and it works!! (They say you should consult a Dr first, I am not a Dr.)

What have you experienced with diet, weight loss and health?


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