When I first started really selling vintage clothes online in 2002, the 80s were back in a big way in indie circles. I had people buying from different boroughs of New York and from all over California. Simultaneously, vintage clothes collectors were really buying up 1950s items. So it seemed it was the 80s/50s revival. Once fashionably hip and forward groups pick up on something, the rest of the world follows, and they did. I sold vintage 80s clothes and accessories all throughout that decade. Now, about 10 years later, Walmart is the last to show up on the 80s neon craze which started hitting highs with mainstream a couple years ago. Once it hits Walmart, you know the trend is completely dead and another is in full swing and spreading with key hipster groups.

A major trend that has happened since then is the 50s mania turned to 60s, thanks partly to Mad Men, but mostly due to the natural progression of things. And now, you guessed it, the 70s are HUGE in hipster groups, and that is happening simultaneously with a major 90s revival. I was horrified when I realized the 70s colors, themes and designs are coming back, even in suiting. But the truth is, creative minds can make all things bright and beautiful!

I saw a guy wearing a retro style suit as a guest on a major news show recently and he looked absolutely AMAZING. He stood out from everyone on the panel in a very good way. Didn’t hurt that he was super attractive anyway, but he gained credibility for understanding how to look good and set himself apart in a professional yet bold way.

This was what we had in mind as we designed our first suit, Cordifornia. It is a 1970s inspired corduroy three piece suit with wider lapels, leather buttons, dual vents, and a modern fit. (This means slightly shorter length of jacket, slightly higher arm holes, and shorter, more fitted pants. It gives a trimmer fit overall). This new suit also features spread button cuffs with leather buttons. Because it’s vested, it gives incredible versatility. The vest looks great under a tweed blazer, with or without the matching suit pants. Or vest and pants alone for a more casual day, or jacket and vest paired with dark brown pants, the list goes on.

Do you remember a time when you realized something was back in a big way?



    • Hi Tonya,
      Right now, we don’t. I think the shirt featured in most of the newer things is a vintage Christian Dior dress shirt. We are hoping to get a great shirt option in by October.

      Thanks for writing.


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