Men’s Wedding Apparel: Purchase a Suit You Can Wear Again

A woman’s wedding dress is classic, beautiful, and typically, worn only once. Many bridesmaids never wear their dresses again, either, whether because they have no use for such a formal dress or because they don’t agree with the bride’s style.Men’s wedding apparel, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be something that is only worn once and never again. Instead, consider choosing a suit or tux that will be, not a one-day investment, but a formal garment that you will wear again and again.

Choose a suit that matches your usual style when selecting your wedding suit. Sure, your bride may think it’s lovely to have you and all of the groomsmen standing at the front in suits that perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses; but by choosing a suit in a style that you love, you’ll be more likely to wear it again in the future.

Classic black is always a good choice. Want to look your dashing best? Don’t be afraid to lean on your bride to choose black. You can always match your vest to whatever the bridesmaids are wearing.

By buying your own suit, you’re getting a more appealing look. Borrowed tuxes and suits, even those rented from a professional establishment, never fit quite as well as one that has been tailored specifically for you.

Choose a fine fabric that will hold up well. A good tailor can do a lot with a well-chosen fabric–even if you have to pay alittle bit more for it.

If you do choose grey or white, be aware that they are more classically wedding attire. Grey and white tuxedos and suits are rarely worn for occasions other than weddings, while black, charcoal grey, and navy are more commonly found in many other situations, as well.

By choosing a suit or tux that you will wear again and again, you make an economical choice that will make you smile as you remember the occasion the suit was chosen for: the happiest day of your life. Choose a suit or tux that you will love; wear it often; and let your bride see that special smile that will always let her know what you’re thinking of.

Men’s Retro Look Spotlighted at NY 2015 Fashion Week

Good news for the world of men’s retro suiting: the fashion giants participating in the 2015 Fashion Week in New York City offered the retro look more than just a hat tip, with David Hart’s collection featuring suits in mod colors and Louis Castro featuring the retro athletic look.

The reasons behind the current flux in men’s suiting that’s been leading to experimentation in vintage, retro, and mod stylesare complicated, and have been outlined well in a recent post-Fashion Week article in the Wall Street Journal:

As men’s fashion houses try to build on the momentum from last month’s shows, their industry is in a moment ofupheaval… Newer men’s labels are emerging. Older labels are updating styles, and designers known for women’s fashion now are devoting more resources to men’s lines that were long viewed as afterthoughts. The increased competition means even quieter, more traditional sartorial brands have to try to grab attention (WSJ)

Whatever the root causes for the change, the fact that top designers have begun to experiment with the retro look can only mean good things for the world of men’s retro suiting.

Of course, nobody would expect you to actually keep up with current runway trends, many of which are patently ridiculous. But the trickle-down influence of runway shows on everyday styles, and by extension on wedding suit styles, can’t bedenied.

That’s why we’re excited to see the retro look getting serious attention. At ModLines, our commitment to provide unique, affordable, and high-quality vintage and retro suits, ties, and accessories means that you won’t have to pay runway prices to suit up in fine style.

Oasis of Style: Desert Wedding

Wedding photographer Tyler Rye recently shared a lovely desert wedding inspiration shoot on his blog that was also published in Southern Utah Bride Magazine. The groom made a striking impression in a jacket by ModLines. The Cordifornia design beautifully complemented the desert backdrop and made for a particularly memorable element of this shoot.

The Monkey Suit Vintage original demonstrates yet again the versatility of an individualistic and high quality suit. The deep coffee color fits in perfectly with a desert’s natural palette. And the corduroy material can’t help but seem like an excellent choice of fabric- its smooth yet rustic feel juxtaposed with a desert’s often rough terrain and features, and at the same time matching the down-to-earth luxury of the day.

The jacket’s slim fit cut with a modern length makes for a complexity that’s timeless. The look is classic, with several gentlemanly touches, such as the buttons on the cuffs. As you’ve come to expect from ModLines, however, it’s not at all stuffy, and is easily adaptable to one’s own sense of style.

Take a look at this inspiration shoot, and it’s clear that the groom’s wedding attire is consistent with all the other expressive elements of the day. The Cordifornia suit, as well as the wide selection of others we have available, would outfit the groom and/or groomsmen superbly for a variety of wedding themes.

ABC News Lifestyle has an article on trend predictions for 2015 weddings, and reports that experts say that rustic weddings are on the rise. For yours, why not put your handsome look together with the help of ModLines? You’ll be all set for your special day- at the lake, woods, lodge, mountaintop, desert…wherever!