Through The Looking Glass: Vintage Wedding Suit Guide

We shall discuss today about 3 piece suits and vintage wedding suits for grooms.It’s that time of the year again when floodgates of wedding photos open up in Pinterest and your news feed gets constant streams of wedding plans and engagements from our friends. Vintage wedding suits are again a hot trend nowadays. Or, perhaps it is you who is getting married in the coming days or months. Statistics show that it is on the middle quarter of the year that the bulk of wedding ceremonies often happens.

Talking about statistics, weddings should of course be less of figures and more of memories and style. Given that idea, let’s talk about a wedding style that has been obviously the trend in the past but is steadily gaining momentum and traction in today’s style trends- Vintage Style Wedding.

3 piece suits are a common site as a vintage groom attire nowadays. But perhaps, finding men’s suits online isn’t that easy. How do you choose the one you’ll wear then in line with the true spirit of a vintage style wedding?

The Vintage Style Wedding Anatomy: Vintage Wedding Suits

 California Slim Fit 3 Piece Wedding SuitGoing vintage is really massively dependent on the period by which you are trying to make as a theme. Mind you the 1920’s-Great-Gatsby-Look is different from 50’s to 0’s and 70’s. But unless you are truly very sensitive to minute details, then these differences would look subtle.

Generally, a vintage style suit is all about wearing a 3 piece suit. It was only in the late 80’s that the idea of wearing a suit wasn’t so strict with vests and anyone just simply followed through by wearing simpler 2-piece suits without much accessories from them.

The advantage of vintage groom attires is that they look sharper in today’s context since it’s not every day that you see a really formal attire. Also, even wearing 3 piece suits on non-wedding ceremonies can make you stand out in the crowd- not in a flamboyant way but rather in a smart way.

Vintage wedding suits also owe their popularity to the accessories that are not that common to see nowadays. In a nutshell what comprises a good vintage wedding suit is a 3 piece suit, a compelling tie and them some accessories. Now let’s go to the specifics.

3 Piece Wedding Suits?

Wear a vest. This is what makes a wedding suit a vintage groom attire. The thing with men’s fashion is that they aren’t really that complicated and convoluted compared to women’s fashion. In a 3 piece suit, what you just have to consider is the vest, the collar style and the lapel size.

In terms of the collar style, pick something, if possible, that showcases a curved or rounded collar style. This was the style back then since collars used to be detachable. For the lapel size, if you are aiming for the 20th century style as what I have foreshadowed earlier, then pick a wider lapel size. However, the period from 1950 until the next decade, had their lapels significantly narrowed down. This would then be widened by the year 1970 up to the 80s.

Never be too worried for this. Men’s fashion is not and should never be complicated! The only rule for a vintage wedding suit is that you should look sharp- that simple. Talk to your bride and then agree with it. Do not worry, you will look great!

Choosing Your Tie

Choosing your tie shouldn’t be that difficult as well. Preferably, it is a bow tie that is much closer to the spirit of a vintage wedding suit. Bow ties were the trend in the past and it has continually remained as a classic choice for many. But if you are not comfortable, then a neck tie is also fine. The only thing that you have to remember is that your necktie should match the wedding’s theme colors and not stray away too much from it. Choose bright colors, but not too bright and loud to divert the attention of everyone to your tie. Tie bars are also preferred for this matter- do not forget to wear them as well.


An example of a don't for wearing suspenders in weddingsWe know that it is the 3 piece suit that comprises a good vintage wedding suit however, it is the accessories that really gives a subtle yet sharp look to your appearance. It is the entity that sends a message to everyone that your outfit was really carefully chosen and that you really know your way towards men’s suits.

If you are planning to wear a suspender, then let me tell you that suspenders are still in the trend right now and it will never be too old, not even in the distant future. Choose something that matches your bowtie but never pick something that has exactly the same design. Also if you wish to wear a suspender, then do not wear a belt as well. Only choose one of either a suspender or a belt!

The next thing that you have to consider is the cuff links. Cuff links are really important to a vintage wedding suit. If women have their own jewelries, men have cufflinks. This is a subtle yet attention grabbing accessory. Find some that aren’t that shiny really and one that matches your neck tie.

Wrapping Up

So there’s your basic vintage wedding suit anatomy lecture. Remember one thing though in dressing up, it is not you, your tie, 3 piece suit or accessories that is the center of attention in your wedding- rather it is your wife. So, do not worry too much in choosing your suit. You will look good, and so is your wife in that special day!

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