Modline’s 7 Tips for Choosing A Groom Wedding Attire

Your sense in style as a groom might not be one of the many reasons why your other half chose you, but that should never be an excuse for you not to stress on choosing the best wedding suit on your special day. Here at Modlines, we shall teach you some crucial tips on your wedding.

Why Ever Bother? Why Vintage Wedding Suits?

You have to remember that the wedding isn’t just a ceremony. We know that you feel it is special for both of you. But even if you are a guy and you don’t have the natural inclination to spend much time on the men’s suits that you wear, we still think that you should still do your best to be as intricate as possible on this occasion. Why? Because your wedding day is the time that you exchange your vow with your other half- a symbolic show and culmination of commitment that both of you have shared for the past years. It is the start of a much deeper relationship and you ought to give much respect not just to your wife but to her parents, friends and all other people who have invested their emotion and trust towards you. It isn’t just all about respecting the event- it is all about feeling the heavy responsibility that you are going to go through and with it comes an opportunity for you to show perhaps how eager you are to give your all in that responsibility and commitment.

And after all, your children and grandchildren would later see your wedding photos- wouldn’t you want to really make them feel how committed you were by that moment by going all your way just to choose a special wedding suit?

But when it comes to commitments and show of the degree of responsibility, nothing beats vintage wedding suits. Vintage suits symbolize deep respect and formality as our history suggests. It represents how your commitment transcends beyond time. Vintage suits carry with them a message that your commitment is just like the style of your suit- something that never fades and out of context even if decades of changes pass by both of you.

It’s All about the Measurements

retro and modern tweed wool vest and pantsThe next thing that you have to consider as a groom is to look sharp and smart in your wedding. The key towards achieving that is for you to suit up with something that fits well with your body. If you are tall and thin then you wouldn’t have a problem with this since almost all men’s suits are well made for this frame. If you are however a bit bulkier, then a double-breasted one will add bulk to your suit. You also need to choose dark colored suits that will slim you down. If you are a bit short, then choose a three-button jacket or something that has a low-button in order to provide the illusion of you being a bit taller.

I addition, here are some of the things that you also have to look for in your 3-piece suit:

  • Your jacket sleeve should be at your wrist bone. And a quarter inch to even half of an inch should be exposed in the shirt cuff right below the sleeve.
  • The bottom of the jacket should never completely cover the butt.
  • Your collar should not have any gaps or bulges plus you should feel comfortable with it and not too tight.
  • You pants should not be too long nor too short. You can test this out by constantly sitting and then standing. If you feel that it is too tight if you sit, then you better choose another one.

Be the Early Bird

Many grooms chose what they wear 2 weeks before the wedding. This is wrong! Again with the first tip, you ought to give tremendous amount of respect to the occasion and that means preparing well ahead of time. Choose one even 2-3 months before the event. This minimizes your cost since you don’t have to make abrupt decisions and it will also give you more space to re-calibrate your choice of whether or not you really want that suit.

Choosing a suit with so little time left will make you stressed over perhaps not being able to quickly find a suit that will be good enough for the wedding. To prevent any emergencies, choose your suit considerably early.

Practice Your SuitCalifornia Vintage Suit

This is the common mistake of grooms. They think that the wedding is some sort of gathering that everything that you wear should be the first time you wore it. This is a common misconception. Don’t get us wrong. We recognize that your wedding should be special. But the perception of many groom is that because the wedding is so special, they tend to save the suit and shoes just for the wedding day and exactly wear them for the first time during the ceremony. This often even results into you being uncomfortable to the suit or many not being able to adjust automatically to it.

Hence one should practice wearing, even at least the jacket or shoes outside the house days before the wedding. Perhaps spend it on out of the city gatherings and other occasions. This way, you’ll get accustomed to your suit. Or perhaps you can practice wearing it from time to time in your home. However you just have to make sure that your suit or shoes does not get damaged. Don’t worry because wearing it for a few times wouldn’t wear it off or destroy it. The technique into successfully wearing something lies on being able to practice that suit on.

Communication Is the Key

Whatever the style of the wedding is, it is a proper etiquette to inform your visitors, best man, friends and even wife the theme of the wedding. Communicate with your wife well and decide for a proper theme and color. Also, it would be best to compliment all the visitors’ suits and dresses with each other.

To Match or Not To Match

Recently, it has been a trend that the groom and groomsmen match their suits with the groomsmen actually having the same suit, accessory or even socks and belts. This might be cool but you also have to think carefully about this. Having uniform socks or accessories is a good sight to see in a wedding but it also good to see various fashion styles in it. Whatever your decision may be, just make sure that you are able to communicate well with them.

Setting Yourself Apart

This antique cuff links is a good way to set yourself apart from others.What you have to remember is that in a wedding, you and your wife should be the center of attention. Hence, it is just a prerequisite for you to stand out from the crowd. You should be able to set yourself apart from the crown and the groomsmen. In order to achieve this, choose accessories that can make you really stand out. Choose vintage style cuff links, watch and other accessories.

All in all, the key towards being an attractive groom in your wedding lies upon two things: communication with your wife and proper preparation for the event. Follow those simple rules, and you would really look good in your wedding day!


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