9 Sure-Fire Ways Of Coming Up With A Groomsman Gift Idea

Modline's Groomsman Gift IdeasYour groomsman’s fashion skills might be as poor as you, but he has come all the way just to choose the best men’s wedding dress, rented a tuxedo and even conjured the nicest toast he can ever think for you. This man has walked an extra mile just for you- he definitely needs a gift that is well thought of by you. Perhaps it’s time for you to recognize his efforts, after all he did everything for you through all these years.

The Basic Principle of Gift Choosing

The most basic thing that you have to know in choosing a groomsman gift is that you should put your feet on his shoes. As a man, there are things that we wish we have or we would want to have, however we just never buy for ourselves. For instance, we would always want some luxurious collector’s item like a wooden pipe or some limited-edition jacket. However, you wouldn’t also want to make it too expensive or outrageous\, else that gift will just go straight into the display and will never really be used.

Buying Men Items

The next obvious thing to consider is that you should choose a men’s item. Go for items that are distinctively for guys- a leather flask is one of the best classic gift. Or perhaps a hand-carved pipe will do. Think of guy things- it is as simple as that.

Put Some Personal Touches

Remember that this guy has been there for you since you can remember. So, make sure to pay respect really in the form of giving them a gift that serves a reminder that you yourself really thought hard just to give them a final goodbye to your bachelor life.

A Little Humor is Good Enough

When we said that you have to choose something for a grown-up man, we never told you that it should be boring and really flat. Obviously don’t pick something that is overly cheap and colorful. However, do put something a bit funny about it. A comical touch to the gift will obviously add a personal touch with the gift. For example, you can add a shirt that has a ridiculous or comical statement on it.

A vintage style wallet can be a good groomsman gift.Never Forget To Add a Monogram

Another way of adding some form of personal touch to your gift is through adding your groomsman’s initials on the gift. A monogram that is well placed in a vintage style wallet, case, and vintage cuff link or even a flask can add a really good feel to your gift.

Good Gifts Doesn’t Always Have To Be Those That Are Materialistic

The common misconception of people is that the best gifts are those that can be expensively bought from stores. But sometimes, experiences and memories are the best ones for your groomsman. What we mean by this is that perhaps it is a gym membership, or training service or even a ticket to a special sporting event or even a

Give an Experience

Remember that your gift doesn’t have to be something you can hold. If you’ve got a groomsman whose idea of fun involves training for that next triathlon, perhaps a mini membership to a gym or a few hours with a personal trainer would suit him. And, of course, a ticket to a sporting event is usually a hit.

Include Some Brotherly Message

This only happens, supposedly once in your life, therefore you ought to give the man who was always there to support you a gift that at point exhibits your gratitude towards him. A message that says, “Thank you for walking with me even if it meant lots of troubles” can obviously give your friend and you a trip down to memory lane for everything that you’ve been through.

Money Can’t Buy Everything

For our last tip, we’d say to wrap things up, you don’t have to spend a lot just for a gift. Luxury is one thing, but memories and experiences beats any price tag. A somewhat luxurious liquor or whiskey bottle that is personalized with a message and other things mentioned above will always be superior to any more luxurious gifts that doesn’t have a touch of personalization.

What are you planning to give your groomsman? Share your thoughts with us below!

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