Men’s Wedding Apparel: Purchase a Suit You Can Wear Again

A woman’s wedding dress is classic, beautiful, and typically, worn only once. Many bridesmaids never wear their dresses again, either, whether because they have no use for such a formal dress or because they don’t agree with the bride’s style.Men’s wedding apparel, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be something that is only worn once and never again. Instead, consider choosing a suit or tux that will be, not a one-day investment, but a formal garment that you will wear again and again.

Choose a suit that matches your usual style when selecting your wedding suit. Sure, your bride may think it’s lovely to have you and all of the groomsmen standing at the front in suits that perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses; but by choosing a suit in a style that you love, you’ll be more likely to wear it again in the future.

Classic black is always a good choice. Want to look your dashing best? Don’t be afraid to lean on your bride to choose black. You can always match your vest to whatever the bridesmaids are wearing.

By buying your own suit, you’re getting a more appealing look. Borrowed tuxes and suits, even those rented from a professional establishment, never fit quite as well as one that has been tailored specifically for you.

Choose a fine fabric that will hold up well. A good tailor can do a lot with a well-chosen fabric–even if you have to pay alittle bit more for it.

If you do choose grey or white, be aware that they are more classically wedding attire. Grey and white tuxedos and suits are rarely worn for occasions other than weddings, while black, charcoal grey, and navy are more commonly found in many other situations, as well.

By choosing a suit or tux that you will wear again and again, you make an economical choice that will make you smile as you remember the occasion the suit was chosen for: the happiest day of your life. Choose a suit or tux that you will love; wear it often; and let your bride see that special smile that will always let her know what you’re thinking of.

5 Beautiful Woodsy Wedding Trends You’ll Want

As more and more people decide on less traditional settings for their weddings, an outdoor wedding in the woods has grown in popularity over the years. Usually set on beautiful camping grounds, lodges, or open woods, these venues provide a perfect, romantic backdrop to some wonderful decorating trends. Here are 6 of some of our favorite woodsy wedding trendsthat will help you recreate your own midsummer night’s dream.

  1. Fairy lights and candles. Fairy lights in white, yellow, and pale blue tints can give the wedding venue the perfect woodsy atmosphere, especially for a reception outside. Wrapped around trees, trellises, or tents, these lights can easily be paired with larger paper lantern lights for visibility and decor. They also go well with carefully set candle lights on table wreaths for great romantic lighting for an ethereal effect.
  2. A “Family Tree.” A tree decorated with portraits of family and friends can add a personal touch that promotes unity among the married families. Small photos hung in wooden frames can add an elegant yet rustic look. Attendees can even enhance the tree using a Polaroid photo booth, where family and friends can hang their own instant pictures on the tree itself.
  3. Coffee and tea bars. There’s something rustic and homey about coffee that lends itself well to woodland scents. A coffee bar fitted with pour-over Chemex brews or French presses–both just utilizing hot water–reduces the amount of technology at the bar that fits well with the woodsy, natural feel. Loose leaf tea brewed in glass tea kettles also add beautiful, rustic looks to the table.
  4. Natural, eclectic seating. Seating trends are moving towards natural pieces, such as wood-backed seats and long, rectangular tables for grouped seating. In addition, you might not see the same pieces replicated at every table: plates can be mixed and matched, glassware can all be different–the eclectic look gives a sense of fun and spontaneity perfect for a woodland party. To give a sense of unity, tablecloths, centerpieces, or floral tresses backing the chairs can be identical or similar in a shared color palette.
  5. Reclaimed wood pieces all around. A hot trend in weddings involve integrating tree cross-cuts as a natural, woody motif. Tree limb coasters or placemats are popular, as well as tree stumps initialed with the couple’s names or heartsare used as a decorative element. A cross-cut limb can also be used as a cake stand, and a hollowed out log can hold a glass vase for beautiful flower bouquets to be set around the venue.
  6. Natural and textured fabrics. Bring in nature through clothing and fabrics to match up with the rest of the setting. For men, a tweed or corduroy piece suit can blend in with the woodsy palette due to their natural colors and textures. Or, a light worsted wool suit can also be matched to fit the theme.

A woodsy-inspired wedding holds a lot of natural potential for a beautiful wedding. Consider these 5 ideas for your natural setting, or see some more ideas.

10 Commandments For Starting a Business with Your Spouse

The following post was written for the readers we have who are starting a new life in a married relationship or are already married.  Starting a business with your spouse can be a very rewarding and amazing experience, but there are some rules to follow if you want to be a successful entrepreneur with your significant other.

1.  If you are already in a tense and stressful relationship – Don’t Do It!

  •      Working together is not therapeutic and is intensely stressful.

2.  Know who will be in charge.

  •      Someone will ultimately need to make final decisions.  So having this clarified at the beginning will help eliminate confusion later.

3.  Write down your responsibilities.

  •      Make sure they are clear and separate.

4.  Set a schedule and stick to it.

  •      Keep each other accountable for the time at work each day.

5.  Separate your personal life and feelings during business hours.

  •      Keeping boundaries will help erase any gray areas between the business and the home.

6.  Communicate with each other.

  •      Let each other know what your goals are for each day.

7.  Make sure your goals and visions for the business line up.

  •      Like in marriage, before starting the business know where you want to go and that you have the same goals.

8.  Get away with each other.

  •      Plan time out not talking about the business, but enjoying each other.

9.  Get away from each other.

  •      Plan alone time, being together 24 hours a day can create tension.

10.  Encourage each other and enjoy the journey.

  •      Nothing is more important than your spouse and your family, including your business.