Men’s Wedding Apparel: Purchase a Suit You Can Wear Again

A woman’s wedding dress is classic, beautiful, and typically, worn only once. Many bridesmaids never wear their dresses again, either, whether because they have no use for such a formal dress or because they don’t agree with the bride’s style.Men’s wedding apparel, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be something that is only worn once and never again. Instead, consider choosing a suit or tux that will be, not a one-day investment, but a formal garment that you will wear again and again.

Choose a suit that matches your usual style when selecting your wedding suit. Sure, your bride may think it’s lovely to have you and all of the groomsmen standing at the front in suits that perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses; but by choosing a suit in a style that you love, you’ll be more likely to wear it again in the future.

Classic black is always a good choice. Want to look your dashing best? Don’t be afraid to lean on your bride to choose black. You can always match your vest to whatever the bridesmaids are wearing.

By buying your own suit, you’re getting a more appealing look. Borrowed tuxes and suits, even those rented from a professional establishment, never fit quite as well as one that has been tailored specifically for you.

Choose a fine fabric that will hold up well. A good tailor can do a lot with a well-chosen fabric–even if you have to pay alittle bit more for it.

If you do choose grey or white, be aware that they are more classically wedding attire. Grey and white tuxedos and suits are rarely worn for occasions other than weddings, while black, charcoal grey, and navy are more commonly found in many other situations, as well.

By choosing a suit or tux that you will wear again and again, you make an economical choice that will make you smile as you remember the occasion the suit was chosen for: the happiest day of your life. Choose a suit or tux that you will love; wear it often; and let your bride see that special smile that will always let her know what you’re thinking of.

Oasis of Style: Desert Wedding

Wedding photographer Tyler Rye recently shared a lovely desert wedding inspiration shoot on his blog that was also published in Southern Utah Bride Magazine. The groom made a striking impression in a jacket by ModLines. The Cordifornia design beautifully complemented the desert backdrop and made for a particularly memorable element of this shoot.

The Monkey Suit Vintage original demonstrates yet again the versatility of an individualistic and high quality suit. The deep coffee color fits in perfectly with a desert’s natural palette. And the corduroy material can’t help but seem like an excellent choice of fabric- its smooth yet rustic feel juxtaposed with a desert’s often rough terrain and features, and at the same time matching the down-to-earth luxury of the day.

The jacket’s slim fit cut with a modern length makes for a complexity that’s timeless. The look is classic, with several gentlemanly touches, such as the buttons on the cuffs. As you’ve come to expect from ModLines, however, it’s not at all stuffy, and is easily adaptable to one’s own sense of style.

Take a look at this inspiration shoot, and it’s clear that the groom’s wedding attire is consistent with all the other expressive elements of the day. The Cordifornia suit, as well as the wide selection of others we have available, would outfit the groom and/or groomsmen superbly for a variety of wedding themes.

ABC News Lifestyle has an article on trend predictions for 2015 weddings, and reports that experts say that rustic weddings are on the rise. For yours, why not put your handsome look together with the help of ModLines? You’ll be all set for your special day- at the lake, woods, lodge, mountaintop, desert…wherever!

Wedding suit alterations for groom

A series of don’ts for groom and wedding party #2

One of our website sliders states- THE GROOM MATTERS!  It’s amazing that this even had to be stated, but it does, because many people forget the groom in all the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning.  One of the most important things to do after you buy your suit is to get it altered. (And I’m assuming your buying a suit.  If not, that is an entirely different post…) If you completely ignore the fit of your suit, you run the risk of being bathed in way too much fabric and having it recorded for posterity in print and video.  Hanging or playing on your living room wall.  #2 Don’t: Don’t skip getting inexpensive alterations done for the groom!

3 piece suit modern fit

Famous dude at Noah movie premiere. The movie….can’t say anything nice. But this look is awesome!

You can find wonderful people in any city or town who will happily and beautifully perform simple adjustments to your suit that will make you look like a million bucks.

And it will cost you very little.

You can also make new friends.  I love the seamstresses and tailors I have worked with in the past.  Expect to pay $15-75 for alterations, and we recommend considering the following:

Pants length.  Your inseam should be altered unless you were extremely lucky.  Make sure you bring a recent picture (even on your phone is better than nothing!) of a guy wearing a suit that fits well in case your idea of ideal length is different from your tailors.  The more experienced (read ‘older’ tailors) will have amazing skills but they may not realize your not looking for a mid-90s fit. Read the first article in this series regarding yards around the ankle.  Hole in the wall places are often the best.

Sleeve length.  This is another big one.  You want the sleeve to fall right where your wrist moves.

A lot of other alterations can be done, or skipped, depending on what shape you are and what size and shape your suit is (and what sizes were available when you bought the suit).  If you bought a classic business suit for your wedding (I don’t recommend this, but it can work depending on what you choose), consider getting the wrist and arm, leg and ankle tapered slightly to be more modern and fitting.  Also business suits tend to be more business like– longer jacket length and loose legs.

I hope this quick overview of alterations gives you a place to start.  Would love to see your comments on what you’ve experienced or are wondering about!

Had to link to this new Wedding Party App!

I wanted to write about suit trends in this post, then couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful blog post over at a new site I just found–  I don’t work for them, though it sounds like it, its just a really cool site.  I wonder what the app is like.  Let me know if you’ve used it, would love to know the features.

HFall 2014 Wedding Party Suitere is their original blog post about 2014 wedding suit trends, includes a few lines about going into fall and winter.  But basically, to sum it up, fall and winter is often full of middle gray to dark gray colors, and I have to add, brown looks awesome for an October to November wedding.  <—-There are so many great shades of brown to choose from, one of my favorites our company had made into a corduroy suit for the upcoming fall/winter wedding season.





This is a pet peeve for me, and unfortunately I see it all the time. I see it at weddings, at civic engagements and speeches, in churches, and in business. It is what I have come to call ‘yards around the ankle’. This is where the person doesn’t have one, or two breaks in his pant leg above his shoe, but something more like swaddling clothes around his ankles. It can seem like yards and yards of excessive fabric, and it completely ruins any finished look that the man might be close to achieving.

If you are a newbie at wearing suits, and I know many of our customers and readers are, and especially if you will be wearing a suit and standing up in front of any amount of people, ie groom, best man, or groomsmen, I urge you to take a look at the length of your pants and consider if you have yards around the ankle. This imagery will help you out.

You can’t tell but the guy on the left at the bottom is wearing one of our suits for a wedding style shoot. I think there was some error with him and the stylist and he went on and wore the super long pants anyway. This isn’t the best shot of the ‘yards around the ankle’ though it is bad here, you can’t see it clearly. I was too afraid to use real wedding shots, but just go on instagram and search #weddingparty – you’ll see a ton of yards around the ankle suits!



Suspenders are on fire right now in weddings, for both groom and the entire wedding party. These can be worn under the wedding suit and when jacket is removed at the wedding reception, suspenders can really show off! Here are some awesome vintage style suspenders that add so much character and interest to the groom, best man, or the whole wedding party. Have you worn suspenders lately, or planning to put on for a wedding? If so, what are your favorite styles?

Wedding from Rustic Wedding Chic.

Earthy Wyoming Mens Suspender

Vintage attire for entire wedding party, Intimate Weddings.

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This Burberry 3 piece suit would make an excellent choice for a more formal, possibly evening or indoor wedding. Beautiful flannel wool, fully canvassed with chalk stripe, we are offering this at only $399. Remember everything we currently offer is one of a kind, so once it’s sold, we can’t offer another one! What venue and wedding style would you think this suit belongs? Or do you have an entirely non-nuptial plan for this suit?